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Unique instrument for Sound massage.

A real multi-tone instrument. This is a combination of the deep sounding Tongue Drum (grounding, rhythm, integration, structure) with 4 tunes (A, B, d, e). On the other side a Monochord (time and spaceless, lightness, floating) with 18 blank and 18 wound and 4 extra thick, wound, golden strings. All tuned to the same tune with one octave in between. Heaven and Earth. Sounding furniture and natural acustics by feeltone.

The new sound wave models since 2011 have a wider reclining area as well as a better resonance system.

Sinve March 2013 all Soundwaves are produced out of sustainable and locally harvested ash wood. There are 7 different models available. Some Padouk samples are still available.

First worldwide introduction, 2003.
The sound and feeling of this instrument will carry you like a wave. Deep, cozy, earthly tunes vibrate like the heart of the mother for the baby she is carrying.The mind is wrapped in humming and whirling sound and that dissolves tension. The Soundwave is formed ergonomically, the part for the head is higher and the resting-place for the legs rounded to allow a comfortable experience. The strings include 3 Oktaves. 18 blanc, 18 wound and 4 extra thick, wound, golden strings.

Accessoires: blankets, material for resting and extra bridges cam be used. See accessories Monochord. Very intersting the clip table: Singing Bowls, Leier and Kalimbas can be put on this table. The vibration is being transformed onto the lying surface of the soundwave.


Soundwave in Padouk with ergonomic reclining area
40 stringed Monochord, 21 overtone strings in c, 15 bass strings in C and 4 extra strong strings in C, Tongue Drum with A, B, d, e; Padouk Wood 74.8 x 26 x 24.4"