Celeste Treble 17 - Hugh Tracey Kalimba

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Block Kalimba with 17 Notes in G-major diatonic from South Africa

The Celeste series by Hugh Tracey consists of block kalimbas – instruments with tines attached to a solid body of kiaat hardwood (Afrikaans for ‘Wild Teak’). Through their design they are compact, easy to handle, and particularly resistant and robust. Among the Hugh Traceys they are first choice for small hands or kids’ hands.

Although they are slightly quieter than the models with a sound box, their sound volume is still quite impressive. And in case it is not enough you can press the Celeste kalimba to a drum, a window, a solid cardboard, a table, or to another piece of furniture while playing it. That way you create a respectable extended resonating body. The models with a pick-up can be amplified electronically. Another way of playing the Celeste kalimba is the sound massage by just laying the instrument onto your body and playing it… and then letting your mind wander.

The Hugh Tracey Celeste Treble Kalimba is tuned diatonically in the key of G, its keys reach from B3 (B below middle C) to D6.

This Kalimba is available with pick-up (1/4" phone plug), too.

17 keys: C6, A5, F#5, D5, B5, G4, E4, C4, B3, D4, F#4, A4, C5, E5, G5, B5, D6