Box Alto 15 - Hugh Tracey Kalimba

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Block Kalimba with 17 Notes in G-major diatonic from South Africa

The Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba with 17 tines attached to a sound box corpus was the first model which Hugh Tracey mass-produced and sold in the 1950ies after a long time of research and testing. It has a sound hole on the front side and two modulation holes on the back which can be covered by the fingers to gain various effects. The Treble kalimba is also tuned diatonically in the key of G, but its keys reach a bit higher than the Alto – from B3 (B below middle C) to D6. The tines of the Treble are narrower than the ones of the Alto and have two more keys, but it is still very easy to play.

The Hugh Tracey Treble Box Kalimba is available with pick-up (1/4" phone plug), too.

17 keys: C6, A5, F#5, D5, B5, G4, E4, C4, B3, D4, F#4, A4, C5, E5, G5, B5, D6